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Understanding Your Credit Score

Healthy credit is a key component of qualifying for mortgages, auto loans, and even new jobs. A FICO score is the three-digit number that summarizes your credit report. It’s only a small slice of the credit pie, but it’s an important one. Understanding what it all means will greatly improve your chances for obtaining the highest credit score possible.

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A Message Concerning COVID-19 and Your River Valley Access.

River Valley Credit Union takes the safety and security of our members and staff very seriously. We continue to follow the recommendations of local officials and other federal agencies and want to assure you that you will continue to have access to your funds whenever you need them.

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Credit Unions Vs Banks: What is the Difference?

What is the difference between a credit union and a bank? We in the credit union movement get that question all the time. The truth is, not much, at least on the surface. We appear to be very similar. Both offer savings products, loan products, checking accounts, etc. We both deliver those services through various channels such as a branch network, mobile network, auto dealership networks, ATM’s and such. Banks typically are larger with more branches and more customers.

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