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River Valley Credit Union is your new & used vehicle headquarters. Whether you are in the market for a car, truck or recreational vehicle, River Valley has you covered!

Buying a Car or Truck

Get pre-approved BEFORE you go shopping for that new car or truck! It’s easy and you can do it all on your smart phone! Just fill out the application below.

Refinance an Auto Loan

Bring us your Auto or Truck loan from any financial institution, then let River Valley refinance at a lower rate. You can save money every month! It’s easy and you can do it all on your smart phone! Just fill out the application below.

Need Insurance?

Don't forget GAP or Warranty Insurance when you buy your car. You can purchase through River Valley and save!

Preferred Dealers

Shop at any of the auto dealers in the Greater Miami Valley Region and ask to finance your loan through River Valley Credit Union. They handle all the paperwork right at the dealership.

Subject to application and credit approval. Example below based on $20,000 loan amount and $99 processing fee. Monthly payment would be $345.12. Other rates, terms, payments and loan amounts are available.

Auto Loans 63 Mo 75 Mo $10K Min 84 Mo $20K Min
2016 & newer 3.79% 4.29% 5.39%
2015 - 2013* 4.89% 5.59% 6.89%
2012 & older 4.89% N/A N/A

* Some term restrictions apply to year/mileage

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*Products / Services Offered By Third Parties / Affiliates: Any financial, investment, warranty, credit insurance or other products or services ("products") which are provided by third parties or any affiliates are not products of the Credit Union. If the purchase of same is facilitated by or through Credit Union financing; such is merely a convenience to the borrower(s) and in no way creates any contractual or other relationship between the borrower(s) and the Credit Union with regard to any such products. Any rights, obligations or claims with regard to such products shall be solely and exclusively by and between the party providing such products as may be set forth in any applicable contracts, agreements or otherwise, and the Credit Union shall have no obligations, responsibilities, duties, or liabilities whatsoever regarding same.